Hello folks, we've made some changes to the show.

Behind the scenes, we've:

  • Added support for GPT-4. We will be turning this on at 5PM PST on 3/17, with a 30 minute downtime from 4:30PM - 5:00 PM. This should increase the overall fidelity and variability of dialogue within the show.
  • Added a "variability" system that will additionally increase the new types of dialogue and premises that are generated in the show. This is a "beta" feature and we are still iterating to dial it in. We are also going live with this at 5PM PST on 3/17.

On the client (the forward-facing show), we've:

  • Fixed an issue with one of the apartment cameras/angles being too dark.
  • Fixed an issue with a default Unity scene displaying on switch to Prevue channel.
  • Fixed an issue with the refrigerator door.


Skyler & the Mismatch Media team.

Release Notes: NF Season 2 v1.2